About Us

Our mission as Behavior Consultants.

Our Mission

PRO K-9 is an innovative dog training and behavior modification company devoted to maximizing the human-canine relationship through individualized, affordable, results-focused in-home and social training programs. Our mission is to keep dogs in their homes by educating owners and equipping them with the skills and continued support needed to create balanced companions.
Jen Guthrie

Jen Guthrie

/ Training Director
Jen is a lifelong dog owner and lover. She began by volunteering with rescues, apprenticing and completing private studies in behavior and training. Since taking ownership in 2011, she's made PRO K-9's mission to not only help clients, but also provide crucial training and behavior support for local rescues dogs to successfully prepare them for adoption. Jen continues to evolve PRO K-9's vision and scope of services to serve our mission.
Tina Isaacson

Tina Guthrie

/ Behavior Consultant
Since childhood, Tina's compassion for animals had been evident as she helped any dog that crossed her path. That evolved into volunteering with rescues and animal outreach organizations, helping the ones that need it most. Her wealth of experience has accumulated into a deep understanding of canine behavior. Tina and Jen both help clients reach their goals at group classes, and work with behavioral cases through in-home programs.
Bill Bellottie

Bill Bellottie

/ Guest Trainer
Bill has 18 years experience in training and rehabilitation. He refers to his approach to canines as not simply “training” -- it is about creating “bond”. Bill's mission is to help create clarity between canine and human, acting as an intermediary. As a trusted colleague with a philosophy inline with our own, we collaborte with and refer to him regularly. Bill also assists PRO K-9 teaching at group classes and socializing groups. See more at dbck9.com
Who we are.

Since 2001, PRO K-9 In-Home Training Professionals has helped thousands of dogs and owners throughout Southeast Michigan achieve their training goals. We work with dogs of all breeds, temperaments and backgrounds, with a primary focus on rehabilitating dogs with social behavior issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve behavior problems and teach effective obedience through a balanced approach using positive reinforcement training methods. Our training philosophy demands that owners be given the knowledge to build and maintain leadership, as well as the theories and methods for understanding and correcting current behavior problems, and preventing future ones.

Our roots are in rescue. All of us at PRO K-9 got our start by helping dogs in need through fostering and volunteering in various ways with local rescue groups—and we all saw a crucial need for training and behavior support for these dedicated people. So we did something about it by working with rescues, foster homes and adopting homes through seminars, classes, private sessions and in-home programs. The result: humans are better educated and dogs are better placed and prepared for adoption.

Our future.

While highly successful with our approach, we recognize the need and demand for support beyond our in-home training, and are specially designing a facility to provide a safe space for dogs and owners to continue improving social confidence at an appropriate pace. PRO K-9 Acres will be developed in Romulus, MI on 10 acres of land, easily accessible for our dedicated clients. Like a gym membership for your dog, this one-of-a-kind Activity & Training Center will include an indoor training space and four fully fenced activity yards, 1-5 acres in size, each featuring a unique activity with agility equipment, play structures, a pond and dock, wooded hiking trails and more. We'll provide additional training options such as private sessions and training classes, plus activity clinics for agility, dock diving, scent work and more. We're also eager to provide even more crucial training and behavior support to dogs in need through our Sponsored Rescues. While we continue to provide in-home training, dogs throughout Southeast Michigan will benefit and excel with our new services—socially selective dogs, dogs in homes without backyards, or any dog whose owner is looking for safer alternatives for their canine companion. Learn more and stay connected for updates.