Support Jen

as she battles cancer
PRO K-9 owner Jen Guthrie was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in February 2022 and has been working with an amazing team of doctors towards her cure. While we are maintaining business as usual, Jen is focused on recovery and following her doctor's directions. Her capacity for working with clients this year is greatly diminished as she continues with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. You can stay updated on her journey on her Fabebook page.

Dog Portrait Fundraiser

From dog lovers, for dog lovers.

We're beyond grateful for everyone's continued support and help for Jen and her family! To keep the fundraising momentum going, Jen is teaming up with fellow dog trainer Bill Bellottie to bring their creative talents to our dog loving community. Get your dog's best shot through Bill's iconic photography. Or, have your dog's best shot put into one of Jen's custom designs. You'll get your final portrait files to have printed however you like! We suggest checking out for a wide array of quality print options.

To schedule or order:
  • Complete the order form for either or both portrait services
    Order Form
  • Make your full donation to Jen's GoFundMe campaign
    Donate to GoFundMe
  • Jen will then confirm all details with you
  • Delivery time of finished files is approximately 2 weeks

Mini Dog Portrait Sessions

/ with Bill Bellottie
Photo shoot for your dog at "the acres" (Jen's house) in Romulus.

  • 30-minute 1 dog session: $150 suggested donation
  • 45-minute 2 dog session: $225 suggested donation
  • 60-minute 3 dog session: $300 suggested donation
  • Sunday 7/31/22, AM & PM time slots (more dates may be added)
  • Sessions will be held inside our pole barn with a few settings/backdrop options.
  • Includes all final edited, full resolution photos to print up to approximately 16"x20".
See more of Bill's work at

mini sessions

Custom Designed Dog Portraits

/ by Jen Guthrie
  • 1 dog per portrait: $50 suggested donation
  • 2 dogs per portrait (consult first): $75 suggested donation
  • Provide your own favorite photo of your dog (high resolution), or choose one from your Mini Dog Portrait Session with Bill.
  • Choose from the custom portrait designs below for your dog's photo and name.
  • You'll get one watermarked proof for approval allowing for minor revisions before delivery of final file.
  • Capable print size of final image will depend on quality of the image you provide; i.e. 6000x9000 pixels can print up to 24"x36" without losing quality.
  • Jen is happy to help guide you in your selections as needed.

custom design portraits

DETROIT GRUNGE — outlined images, orange or blue background
RAINBOW WATERCOLOR — outlined images
VINTAGE — outlined image on wood background, or full image (better for fluffy dogs)
CONTEMPORARY PAINTING — outlined images, painting effect on a solid background color