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Investors needed for our 10-acre Activity & Training Center

Acres of fun for every dog

We heard how so many of you wished there was a place for a dog like yours to safely play, learn and socialize. That's why we've specially designed a nearby 10-acre facility to give dogs and their owners a great new option.

"Where can I safely exercise my dog? What other activities can we do?" Dedicated owners know that consistency and time and key factors in any training process. For socially selective dogs, dogs in homes without backyards, or any dog whose owner is looking for safer off leash alternatives, their options are limited for exercise and activities to enjoy with their canine companions.
Dog parks can be dangerous, daycares require temperament testing, and many dogs may find other social settings overwhelming.

Our goal is to bridge that gap by offering a safe haven and productive space at our one-of-a-kind Activity & Training Center for dogs and owners to continue improving social confidence at an appropriate pace.

Activity Center

Like a gym membership for your dog, our membership-based facility has been specially designed for maximum safety while you enjoy exercising your dog in a natural setting, on your schedule, with us always on-site to help. Our 10-acre Activity Center will feature an indoor training space and four fully fenced Activity Yards, 1-5 acres in size, each featuring a unique activity to enjoy with your dog.
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On-Site Training

While we continue to provide in-home training, we'll round out our canine curriculum with additional training classes, private sessions, educational seminars and activity clinics in agility, dock diving, scent work and more. And since our roots are in working with rescue dogs, we are eager to be able to offer crucial training and behavior support to our Sponsored Rescues.
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Help us build it

The property is purchased, the plans are drawn, the dogs are ready. Now we need you to help us provide this one-of-a-kind resource for our canine community.
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PRO K-9 Acres will be developed in Romulus, MI on 10 acres of land, easily accessible for our dedicated clients. Since purchasing the ideal property in 2014, we've been hard at work drawing up plans, obtaining city approvals, detailing our business plan and raising the necessary funds for construction.

In addition to our own personal investment, we've raised a portion of the construction funds through investors, loans and a crowdfunding campaign which raised over $10,000 from our community and clients! We are now seeking community-based investors to help us cross the finish line.

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