In-Home Training

Obedience | Behavior Modification | Socialization

Dog Training for Life Program

A comprehensive foundation of in-home obedience & behavior modification, plus Socializing Groups.

One of our Behavior Consultants will spend five sessions working with you and your family at home teaching your dog basic obedience on leash so you can fluently communicate with your dog in everyday situations. We'll also provide you the knowledge and proper methods to solve and prevent behavior problems, focus on your specific training goals, and begin teaching advanced obedience techniques where appropriate.

After the in-home sessions, you and your dog will be ready to attend our weekly Socializing Groups where we apply what you have learned at home to begin teaching your dog how to behave in a social setting. We strongly encourage you continue attending as many weekly Socializing Groups as possible to finish your dog's training, building their confidence outside of the home. These sessions are available to you for another year after the in-home portion.

If you need any help with something we had worked on in-home at a later time, we will re-visit your home at no additional charge. Our primary goal is to help you effectively modify your dog's behavior, and there's no set amount of time for that.

  • In-home evaluation
  • 5 weekly in-home sessions, one hour per dog
  • Weekly Socializing Groups for one year after in-home
  • Continued phone and email support, follow-up visit if needed
  • For dogs 6 months and older
Required for severe behavior issues (additonal in-home or private sessions may be required at a per session rate). Foundation program for service dog work. Socializing Groups are available to clients after the first year at a per session rate.

Basic Program

Just right for the in-home basics.

Our Basic Program is great for learning basic obedience and addressing common behavior issues such as jumping, destructive chewing, housebreaking and more. One of our Behavior Consultants will spend 3 sessions working with you and your family at home teaching your dog to COME, SIT, HEEL, DOWN, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY and more on leash while focusing on current behaviors. We'll also provide advice on how to prevent future behavior issues.

For dogs who already have a foundation in basic obedience, we can focus this program on advanced and off-leash techniques.

  • In-home evaluation
  • 3 weekly in-home sessions, one hour per dog
  • Continued phone and email support
  • For dogs 6 months and older without severe behavior issues

Puppy Jumpstart

Start off on the right paw.

Early learning and socialization is very important, and we highly encourage puppies under 6 months old to attend our Puppy Pre K-9 class. Our Train While You're Away program can also help with midday energy outlets and potty breaks.

We can help even more at home by teaching your family the basics of puppy raising, how to properly manage and prevent behavior issues from developing, and begin early training techniques to help you and your puppy communicate. We'll spend two hours covering information and showing you how to begin teaching basic commands. When your puppy is mature enough to begin in-home training, we'll apply your Puppy Jumpstart tuition towards your next in-home training program.

  • Two-hour in-home session
  • Tuition is applied toward a future in-home training program
  • Continued phone and email support
  • For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old